Our Focus

Most of us quite like labels, so we’ve applied a few to what we do along with some examples. FESPA represents the areas of work we have focussed on over the last 5 years and cover the mix of what we’ve developed and delivered.

  • Facilitating
  • Evaluating
  • Solving
  • Planning
  • Ageing

Each broad heading – FESPA – breaks down into a few more topics, but we want to keep these examples and this website short and succinct, so we don’t go into any great detail. We prefer to discuss with you what you want and then agree together what we can offer. It’s also important to remember we can’t do everything and sometimes very specialist knowledge is needed e.g. legal issues, HR. That’s when we call upon our Associates who provide additional support and advice.


  • Group work – away-days of staff and trustees, focus groups of users and potential users of services, Task and Finish Groups
  • Planning sessions – senior staff planning days, full staff team away-days
  • Vision, Mission and Values – refreshing existing ones as part of future proofing
  • Staff and trustee development – team building days, 1-2-1 support, adding additional capacity, peer support networks
  • Governance and good trusteeship – reviewing existing practice and developing plans and proposals for improvement
  • Chairing meetings – exactly what it says on the tin!


  • Social Value – introducing what it is and how an organisation can build social value into its work and philosophy
  • Research/surveys – staff and trustee feedback, project and service evaluation
  • Consultation/focus groups – of users, staff, trustees and volunteers
  • Impact measurement – financial impact as well as social


  • Organisational issues – restructuring, reviewing volunteer practice, raising your profile
  • Change management – doing the right things better
  • Volunteer management – how to recruit and retain your volunteers even better
  • Service redesign – develop and improve services to better meet customer needs


  • Business/Strategic – developing the why and what of your work
  • Service/Operational – as well as the how you do it
  • Income Generation – contracting, fundraising, trading, marketing
  • Communication – internally and externally


  • Pre Retirement planning courses – helping people retire from work, but not from life
  • Implications of our ageing society – on your work and the environment in which you work
  • Social gerontology – helping bust those myths about getting older
  • Flying Ostriches* – intrigued? Get in touch!

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