Support & Training

Helping you and your people get even better

Often the first budget line that gets cut or seen as a luxury in harsh times, support and training can get a rough deal in any organisation, big or small. Investing wisely and appropriately in staff, trustees and volunteers should be a priority as it creates a win:win all round; people feel valued, quality improves and users ultimately get a better service. Bath and Main Associates have a range of training and support mechanisms available to you both off the shelf and bespoke to your organisational and staff needs.


Coaching & Mentoring

Could you benefit from the time and expertise of a “critical friend”?

Whether it’s short term coaching or longer term mentoring, Bath and Main Associates can offer individual support to you and your staff and trustees with the aim of enhancing skills, knowledge and work performance.


Recruiting People

Attracting and retaining the right people to your organisation is never as easy as it sounds, even in a market place full of skilled and experienced people.

Whether reviewing your recruitment processes and policies or looking at how to recruit more volunteers from a specific part of a community or with particular skills, Bath and Main Associates can work with you to develop new processes or support you in your recruitment process.


Project & Event Management

Does your organisation need additional capacity to manage a planned event or project?

Bath and Main Associates has a track record of managing events – big and small. Conferences, seminars, focus groups, breakfast gatherings, workshops – we deliver on time and to budget. We are both successful project managers having managed 3-year government funded programmes through to short term research projects.


Support & Challenge Groups

Would you benefit from meeting or discussing with peers from the Third Sector who would act as a sounding board for your issues and who would challenge you to think through your ideas differently?

Both of us have benefited from Support and Challenge Groups in the past so know that when they work well, they can provide personal and professional support and also make you think differently and more creatively. Bath and Main Associates aim for our SAC Groups to work well and make a positive difference to your working life.


Diversity Policy and Practice

How can you make your diversity policy come to life? Can you challenge your organisation’s existing practice to make diversity a reality?

Reviewing your organisation’s diversity policy and practice in a safe and positive environment means that you can widen the users of your services beyond current members; it can mean new services with new people; and can develop your organisation into new places and new funding streams. Developing a diversity policy and setting up practice models can be a daunting challenge. Bath and Main Associates aim to work with you to support your organisation through developing or reviewing existing policy and practice with an emphasis on practical and real solutions that will enable your organisation to define what diversity means to you.


Leadership and Development Programmes

Ever wonder about who will have your job after you leave it or could move into it? Keen to attract and develop new Trustees?

If management is doing things right and leadership is doing the right things, Bath and Main Associates aims to be both leaders and managers, through providing high quality, cost effective leadership and development programmes for senior staff and trustees. The programmes will be delivered to best meet your needs i.e. both face to face and online. Watch this space!

We also can develop and deliver bespoke management development programmes for your organisation.

“Their consistently professional approach to work is complemented with drive and energy. Always seeking practical and deliverable solutions”

CEO, Family Care Trust.

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