Our clients

Based on our past job history, we continue to have close links with Age UK at both a national and local level. Word of mouth recommendations inevitably mean that we are either about to do or have just completed a strategic planning day, organisational review, service redesign or an evaluation/impact exercise. We enjoy all of these and understand the complex workings of an Age UK.

In addition, we’ve worked with other charities like the Gas Safe Charity (on our 3rd year), and also Healthwatch, CVSs, RCCs, Citizens Advice, and local authorities. An exciting new development for us in 2016 has been being commissioned by JCB to deliver their pre- retirement training in Staffordshire. This programme of work come sunder our umbrella project called “Flying Ostriches” and has had some very positive feedback. We hope to expand this further in 2017.


Who to talk to about us

People we have worked with are happy to provide a reference or testimonial about what we did, how we did it and the impact it has had on their work. We are happy to signpost you to people to talk with after you’ve contacted us and before you commission us to work with you.


Quality standards

Bath and Main Associates adheres to the UK Evaluation Society Guidelines for Good Practice in Evaluation and the Institute of Economic Development’s Professional Code of Conduct. We also adhere to a range of policies including Confidentiality, Equalities and Diversity, Environmental, Ethics, Health & Safety and Quality.

Some of the clients we are proud to have worked with

Gas Safety Charity
Age UK

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