Change Management

Thinking through what you want to do differently

Developing your organisation from where it is now to where you would like to be can be a challenge especially when balancing the ideas, aspirations and, possible anxieties, of staff, trustees and users within the process. Acknowledging that managing change is seldom easy and usually complex, Bath and Main Associates will work with your organisation to embrace the challenges of change management to improve your organisation.


Creating Strategic Options

Deciding on the strategic direction of your organisation can be one of the hardest decisions you make.

In today’s fast changing environment the choices of where to go and how to get there are many and varied. Bath and Main Associates aim is to work with you to make the right choices that are appropriate for you and your users. We can tailor the process to meet your needs in the environment in which you work, with the people you work with and for.


Business Planning

Never put together a business plan before? Never want to do so again?

Whether it’s putting together your first plan or reviewing an existing one, Bath and Main Associates aim is to make a critical, but potentially mind numbing process, as engaging and effective as possible. Budget crunching, charging policies and agreeing your reserves have never been so fun!


Modernising Governance Structures

Governance vs management – a charity’s dilemma.

Often overlooked in the day-to-day pressures of life, getting your governance structures and systems in place is the rock-bed of any successful organisation. Working closely with Boards, Bath and Main Associates has designed engaging ways of reviewing governance and working your way through the tensions of management vs governance.


Mergers and Collaborations

In a recent Guardian Voluntary Sector Network poll* 62.6% of respondents said “yes” when asked “should your charity merge?”

In today’s tough operating environment, merging with another organisation or becoming part of a collaborative structure can be a positive and viable option, though not without its challenges. Bath and Main Associates aim is to work with you to make the challenges easier and for the best outcome to be achieved both for the organisations involved as well as the clients.


Bringing in More Money

Whether it’s money from new and/or existing clients, grants and foundations, the statutory and government sectors, through exploring trading opportunities or cutting costs, we can help you increase your income.

Bath and Main Associates can help find the best sources of income for your organisation, maybe from sources that you have never tried before, through to commenting on draft applications – acting as a sounding board for ideas and proposals.


Restructuring and Re-Organising

Could you be even more efficient? How do you manage effectively the loss of a contract?

Today’s many pressures mean that few organisations are not having to think about restructuring and some are actually doing it and have come out the other side. Bath and Main Associate’s role is to help make what can be a stressful time for all involved, less stressful and to work with you to find as efficient and appropriate a way forward as possible for your organisation.



*Source: Voluntary Sector Network poll, The Guardian 3rd Feb 2012.

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