Ageing & Older People

Understanding the people you work with and for

Our ageing society is one of the great success stories of our times. What is definite in an uncertain world is that our ageing society will impact on your organisation in some way, even if your users are not today’s older people. It may not impact tomorrow, but it will in the next few years. It will affect your services, your staffing, your volunteers, your fundraising – in fact most aspects of your organisation.

Bath and Main Associates understand the impact that ageing has on people and organisations and can work with you to understand better the impact of an ageing society on your organisation and its services.


Research and Analysis

Do you want to know what your users think about your organisation’s services or services provided by others? Would you like to know the views of people about your organisation that don’t currently engage with it?

Qualitative research gathering, analysing and interpreting the views and opinions of older people and their carers via questionnaires, focus groups or one to one interviews is an activity offered by Bath and Main Associates. The scale of the work can range from over 300 people to smaller group work dependent on the requirements of the research.

A key principle is to make it enjoyable for those taking part and as interactive, engaging and impactful as possible.

Simon has a recent Master of Arts (MA) in Social Gerontology. This provides some of the theory behind the impact of ageing on society but at least as important are the years of experience both Simon and Hilary have of listening to and working alongside older people as they describe the challenges they face on a day to day basis and seek to influence how those challenges are met.


Engagement & Hearing the Voices of Older People

Involving users in your organisation’s decision making processes, service planning and delivery is one way of enabling it to serve its clients better.

In past work with Age UK and Age Concern England, Hilary and Simon have worked closely with older people to help ensure their voices and opinions are heard by decision and policy makers as well as the organisations whose services they use.

The challenge of identifying those people that are excluded from the usual channels, from minority groups to those isolated by geography or circumstances, is one which we, like many others, have wrestled with and begun to address. We have produced toolkits and delivered training courses for organisations to improve their engagement. We’ve worked with older people enabling them to influence better the decisions that affect their lives. We’ve undertaken research, run conferences, seminars and focus groups in innovative ways which engage the interests of older people and those who want to hear their thoughts and views.


Personalisation and Service Provision

The way your organisation gets money from statutory bodies to provide services is changing.

Getting to grips with the impact of personalisation on your day-to-day work is critical for your organisation’s long term survival. Personal budgets provide people with some choice as to how to spend them and traditional models of service provision may no longer be the best models when there is competition from many different providers.

How to market and position your products is critical to your longer term sustainability in a social care market and is a challenge that Bath and Main Associates are happy to help you think through and meet.


Compliance and Working with Statutory Bodies

As part of the Third Sector, your organisation, especially if it provides services, has never been under such a high level of scrutiny and regulation.

Statutory commissioning bodies and the procurement processes require a much greater level of compliance and quality assurance for charities and not for profit organisations. Bath and Main Associates can work closely with a Chief Executive and their senior management team to help ensure they submit as good a tender as possible with all the necessary documentation and policies.


Sharing the Policy Context

The need to understand the latest government thinking around older people and their services is important but time consuming.

Knowing which are the policies that will impact on you and your users and which won’t is also key and something Bath and Main Associates can advise on.

“Excellent mix of activities and very well delivered.”

Senior Manager, Age UK Warwickshire.

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